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Our basic account with no monthly service charge if balance is kept above $500.00 per month. You are allowed 20 free checks per month and any more than that are $ .15 each. An exception to the $3.00 monthly service charge will be made to persons over the age of 65 and persons that are full-time students. If you are over the age of 65 or a full-time student, you will not be assessed the $3.00 monthly service charge.

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An interest bearing account using the daily balance method to calculate the interest. A $500.00 minimum balance in the account each day during the statement cycle is required to obtain our disclosed Annual Percentage Yield. No monthly service charge over $500.00 and 20 free checks with anymore than that being charged a fee of $ .15 each.

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Money Market Account-interest bearing account. $5,000.00 is required to open this variable interest rate account. Transactions per month are limited.

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$25.00 required to open this type of account. A monthly service charge of $3.00 per statement cycle is charged if balance falls below $500.00.

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Health Savings Account

A Health Savings Account is an IRA-like account that is designed exclusively for covering qualified medical expenses. Use the checks or debit card from your account to pay for qualified medical expenses. Ask us how an HSA can benefit you.

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FEES (Applies to any of our checking accounts)
Check Handling charge $21.00 per check
Stop Payment fee $14.00 per item
Dormant Account fee $3.00 per statement cycle


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